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Two Dried Leaves

Field Recognition

When you follow your soul, in freedom, without fear, you immediately feel emotional fulfilment. However, to make this feeling last, and to make this your normal state of mind - you have to overcome your emotional obstacles.   

When you follow your mind and don't know how to listen to your soul, then it feels completely different. Your life will lack light and joy. So you see, the importance of being in touch with ones soul is very great. This is a journey in learning how to recognise the fields around you, and to learn how to keep the perfect balance between mind and soul. 


The great moments of our life

are the quietest.

-Monika Minder

Sending out your frequencies to the world

Start this program to become aware of what you are sending out into the universe. Each person has a way of non verbal communicating emotions and these are applied sometimes unconsciously into situations. If you become aware of this, you can learn how to use this to improve your life in an immensely positive way. 

We learn not to speak about our feelings and emotions, we sometimes think that nobody can notice our feelings. You think you are alone in your anger, or sadness, and that is not true. Other people can feel it, notice it, and pick up on it. It can sometimes even affect how another person feels after a meeting with you. You have a great field around you - a Non Verbal field. Has it ever happened to you that you were thinking very strongly of someone and then by "coincidence" that person cals you? That is not a coincidence, that is the FIELD - this field does not depended on distance.

We have forgotten to be in touch with this inner field and it's strong connection to the universe. 

Living in truth, speaking in truth - is very conected to recognising your energetic field around you - situations can solve themselves if you are standing in your own truth. Sometimes we have been living for too long without this, so in this program you learn to step back into your own truth and back into the universal love. 

This program consists of sessions of approximately 1,5 - 2 hours per session, twice per week, for a duration of 3 months, and will be given online by Ulrike von Schrader. 

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