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Meet Ulrike

Ulrike Von Schrader

Ulrike Von Schrader is based in Palma de Mallorca & Germany, but is not limited to these places. She has worked with international corporate clients and people based all over the world to help them gain control over a vision based in the core of their being and teaches how to overcome the struggles that come with life. In her programs she uses art as a form of therapy to reach the deepest points that need healing. 


Ulrike von Schrader was born in 1968. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Alte Spinnerei Kolbermoor and was a pupil of Felix Eckhardt, Doris Hintze-Röhrig, Anna von Bassen, Barbara Jedermann and Christopher Balzer.

"With intense color and aesthetic appeal Ulrike von Schrader brings us directly into the world of the interplay of nature, light and space. In and with these very own contemplative-looking color spaces, it nevertheless promotes and preserves the creatively realistic element from the very beginning. Her painting understands her as a process." - HMH Art Gallery Andratx, Mallorca

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